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Around Krabi



Numerous daytrips available for exploration


Proximity to some of the best beaches on earth.


Krabi is famous for its unique nature and most noticeable the  limestone outcrops seen as hilltops on the mainland, and as islands in the Andaman sea. Although these nature spots remain the main attractions of Krabi, there are also a numerous other sights worth experiencing that are conveniently available from the Krab -Rent villa. 

Islands of Krabi

By contacting the booking office on the compound you can book a Long Tail boat that will take you to any of the islands in Krabi.

By far the most popular among the more than 160 islands in Krabi is the Phi Phi islands. Though its fame does not solely relay on the movie blockbuster 'The Beach' that was filmed on one of the lagoons of Phi Phi, it has certainly helped to spread the words around the globe of where a true paradise may be found. The crystal clear waters and pure white sand served a natural backdrop for Leonardo DiCaprio, and though the fame of the movie has faded, the sceneries where the movie were made persists.

Although it strictly speaking is a peninsular of Krabi mainland it is tempting to count Rai Lay beach among the islands of Krabi. A boat is needed to get there, as a massive limestone mountain separates it from nearby Au Nang. The spectacular limestone formations found on Rai Lay makes it an rock climbers heaven, but if climbing is not your favorite sport during holidays, watching the climbers gliding towards the top provides relaxing entertainment while getting a tan on the beach.


While waiting for 'The Cove Krabi' to open their golf resort designed by Colin Montgomerie (4 kilometer north of the Krabi-Rent villa) you may opt for the only existing golf course in Krabi, Pakasai Country Club. Recently it was extended from 9 to 18 holes and the course is certainly worth a visit. The drive from the Krabi-Rent villa is only 13 kilometer and takes around 15 minutes.

Hot Spring

Popular among locals during weekends, about 54 kilometer drive towards the neighboring Trang province, you also have a natural hot spring waterfall located near the Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature Reserve. This is the nature's own Jacuzzis where the water originates from thermal springs from deep underground volcanic chambers that blends with cooler rain water from the mountains. Through thousands of years, nature has carved out 'bathtubs' in the soft limestone, whilst ensuring that it is filled to the brim with running water at a pleasant 35-40C. Though science has yet to prove the medical benefits from the minerals, the effect of simply relaxing in hot water while watching the clouds go by and listening to the sounds of the jungle will certainly effect your sole. Also, close by you have the 'Crystal Pool' (Also known as Emerald Pool”) which is located inside the Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature Reserve. This is a natural swimming pool at the centre of the forest and it is filled with crystal clear spring water which invites you for a swim.